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Our operation

“Revalorizing family land” was our desire in 2012 when we created our farm.”

Who are we

“Revalorizing family land” was our desire in 2012 when we created our farm.

Our concept?

We are present at every stage, from planting to the final sale of the product!

Today, we hope to have respected our word and the work of our ancestors: fully exploited lands (olive trees, fruits and vegetables) and labeled (AOP, AB, IGP) whose products can be found all year round on the stall. from our points of sale and from our professional partners.

Specializing in direct sales, we are constantly in contact with you, whether you are an individual or a professional.

Market gardening AB

It is on a 6ha plot that we grow, all year round, a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables, continuously supplying our points of sale. The choice of varieties is important to us. This is why the main criterion remains taste quality.

L'Oliveraie PDO Oliu Di Corsica

Our oil comes only from 5ha of olive trees, the variety of which has been present for centuries in Casinca: Ghjermana de Casinca. It is characterized by its fruity and sweet side at the same time, making it perfect for brightening up your dishes.

AB citrus fruits

Still very young for the most part, our citrus fruits (orange, lemon, pomelo, clementine, mandarin) will complete the range in a short time...